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His highly melodic compositions have a vocal quality and phrasing, fitting for a musician who was born and bred in a land where opera and great singing are as ubiquitous as pasta. - 
Wood & Steel


Based in Italy, guitarist Roberto Dalla Vecchia draws deeply from his homeland to craft melodic folk bluegrass tunes.

Fans describe Roberto’s music as emotional, elegant, heartfelt: head, heart and hands in perfect combination.
They also describe his guitar playing as unique, focused on beauty and the eternal in every thing, a way of playing that makes you close your eyes and travel to beautiful places.

Roberto has a deserved reputation for warmth, patience, and extraordinary teaching skills. He runs his own Acoustic Guitar Camp and he is part of the leading online instruction company TrueFire.
In addition, he is the author of several instructional books and videos.

He is the winner of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's 2003 Homegrown CD Award.


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