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Roberto Dalla Vechia Foundry course, Flat Out Flatpicking will show you the essential skills, techniques, and creative approaches you’ll need to become an accomplished flatpicker.

Tone, timing, taste, speed, rhythm chops, ear are all essential skills that guitar players from beginners to professionals need to address on a regular basis. These are the skills that we admire so much in our guitar heroes.

We will spend eight weeks together learning flatpicking songs and practicing solid acoustic guitar fundamentals, each week focusing on a different one. Each skill could easily be an eight week course by itself, but here we will focus only on those aspects that are crucial to establish a foundation to build upon.

I'm not a big fan of exercises and prefer to have students learn how to play songs, which songs focus on the particular skills and techniques that the student needs to study and develop. And this is exactly what well do!

You'll be learning a new song in every section of the course applying the ideas and tips that we'€™ll focus on in that section. For example, in the fourth section, we'€™ll focus on speed: I will first demonstrate ways to improve speed and accuracy in your playing, and then show you how to play Typewriter Guitar, a simple song that works great as a study to improve hand synchronization and speed. Throughout the entire course, we'€™ll work together in this way to build up your skills and take your guitar playing to the next level.

Ready to get started? Grab your guitar and let’s get started with Flat Out Flatpicking!


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When you purchase a course, you get streaming access on the web and mobile devices plus a downloadable version in the TrueFire app for Windows or Mac computers and iPads.

Features include multi-angle video lessons, slo-mo, looping, plus:

Charts (16 PDF Files)
19 Jam Tracks
02 Hr, 04 Min of Video (MP4)
Size: 1.0 GB



Download high resolution scans. Click on image/link or right-click to save to hard drive.



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by Wendy Davis
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Roberto Dalla Vecchia biography

Acoustic guitar artist Roberto Dalla Vecchia draws deeply from his personal homeland to craft his melodic folk-bluegrass tunes.

Based in Italy, Dalla Vecchia performs regularly at concerts and festivals and teaches workshops throughout Europe.

He is the winner of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s 2003 Homegrown CD Award. His CD Grateful won second place in the Instrumental Album category of the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

Let his signature flatpick style guide you through an original and exciting repertoire of new standards for acoustic guitar.


The Vicenza, Italy-based artist learned classical piano as a child, but later embraced the guitar thanks to the meeting with flatpicking guitar guru Beppe Gambetta.

Dalla Vecchia maintains a busy solo performance schedule at various venues throughout Europe and US. He toured nationally and internationally, performing at the Guitar Summit (Bucks County, USA), Steve Kaufman's Kamp (Maryville, USA), European World of Bluegrass (Barneveld, The Netherlands), SBMA Winter Bluegrass Festival (Brugg, Switzerland) Risor Bluegrass Festival (Risor, Norway), Goldegger Blues & Folk Tage (Goldegg, Austria), International Guitar Festival (Sarzana, Italy), Soave Guitar Festival (Verona, Italy) among others.

In addition to performing at concerts, festivals, community events, Dalla Vecchia runs his own Acoustic Guitar Workshop in Italy each year and teaches guitar workshops in Europe and US.


Dalla Vecchia released five CDs: Open Spaces (1998), Sit Back (2002), Grateful (2006), Unknown Legends (2008) and Hand in Hand (2011). Hand in Hand offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of American sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to tradition.

His guitar work is also featured on various compilation CDs, Flatpicking 2003 (FGM 113), European World of Bluegrass 1999 – 2001 – 2002 - 2007 (SCR Productions), Country In This Country (MAP Records), among others.


Dalla Vecchia’s playing stands out as melodically inspired and meaningfully focused. His flair for the melody is also strongly evident in his compositions, many of which are singable and memorable.




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