Atlantic Crossing (2015)

Duet recording from Jim Hurst (USA) and Roberto Dalla Vecchia (ITALY), featuring flatpicking guitars and vocals. Orignal instrumentals, new arrangements of cover songs and public domain songs from Italy and the US.

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"This recording has been a lot of fun in more ways than one. First, the opportunity to play with one of Italy’s finest flat-picking guitarists, not many can say that! Roberto and I have similar aspects of our guitar work and musical efforts which I think sound good together. Second, my traveling to Italy and Roberto traveling to the US as we record in both countries seems international and ‘exotic’! But more importantly, our idea is to share the musical similarities and celebrate the differences recording songs from each of our countries. Some are more traditional songs, some are of contemporary feels, and each of us contributed new compositions that we shared musically. I had a great time, am happy with this duet CD, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too." ~Jim

"The first time Jim talked to me about recording a duo project, I felt honored and scared at the same time. Working on this album side by side with a monster guitar player like Jim Hurst has been an exciting experience, and what you're holding in your hands is a labor of love. I just love watching how an arrangement slowly takes shape thanks to the stream of ideas we both put in it. I feel that, in many ways, Jim’s musical sensibility is similar to mine, and that’s why the time we spent in the recording studio flew away so fast. I hope you will experience the same listening to this CD!" ~Roberto