Atlantic Crossing (2015)

Duet recording from Jim Hurst (USA) and Roberto Dalla Vecchia (ITALY), featuring flatpicking guitars and vocals. Orignal instrumentals, new arrangements of cover songs and public domain songs from Italy and the US.

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"This recording has been a lot of fun in more ways than one. First, the opportunity to play with one of Italy’s finest flat-picking guitarists, not many can say that! Roberto and I have similar aspects of our guitar work and musical efforts which I think sound good together. Second, my traveling to Italy and Roberto traveling to the US as we record in both countries seems international and ‘exotic’! But more importantly, our idea is to share the musical similarities and celebrate the differences recording songs from each of our countries. Some are more traditional songs, some are of contemporary feels, and each of us contributed new compositions that we shared musically. I had a great time, am happy with this duet CD, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too." ~Jim

"The first time Jim talked to me about recording a duo project, I felt honored and scared at the same time. Working on this album side by side with a monster guitar player like Jim Hurst has been an exciting experience, and what you're holding in your hands is a labor of love. I just love watching how an arrangement slowly takes shape thanks to the stream of ideas we both put in it. I feel that, in many ways, Jim’s musical sensibility is similar to mine, and that’s why the time we spent in the recording studio flew away so fast. I hope you will experience the same listening to this CD!" ~Roberto

Open Spaces (1998)

Dalla Vecchia makes his own mark with "Open Spaces", an ambitious, richly textured collection of compositions, some solo, others with a band.

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Grateful (2006)

The album features Dalla Vecchia's powerful acoustic guitar, and showcases some of his finest guitar work to date.
"Grateful" captures feelings and melodies that are the heart of Roberto's musical journey.
2nd place: "Best Instrumental Album" at Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

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CD Reviews:

Roberto Dalla Vecchia is a powerful player and I am sure that you will agree once you have heard him play. This CD has stayed in my charger since I got it and will be on my list of favorites for a long time to come."

"BLUEGRASS EUROPE - Richard Hawkins - 2007
"...expressive, experimental, and attached to his own land as he is, Dalla Vecchia remains an outstanding bluegrass guitarist, as is clear from the very first track "Ticket To Cesuna."

"Un tocco di classe: un'espressione sintetica che racchiude i tesori che "Grateful" offre all'ascoltatore attento e appassionato. Nessuna leziosità, nessun autocompiacimento, ma una musica che va diritta al cuore grazie a melodie di grande suggestione, veri e propri gioielli compositivi, eseguiti, o meglio vissuti, splendidamente da Roberto e dai suoi tre compagni d'avventura, Beppe Gambetta, Martino Coppo e Stefano Versolato."

STRUMENTI MUSICALI - Roberto Valentino - Novembre 2006
"Da solo, in coppia con il collega Beppe Gambetta o ancora in trio con Martino Coppo al mandolino e Stefano Versolato al contrabbasso, Dalla Vecchia convince, oltre che la perizia tecnica, per l'amabile maniera in cui piega a sé uno stile che ben si adatta anche a una canzone nostrana come "Addio, mia bella addio".

CHITARRE - Mario Giovannini - Giugno 2006
"L'episodio più riuscito del disco è sicuramente la title-track, una toccata ballata per sola chitarra che non fa certo rimpiangere la mancanza della voce. "Ghost to Ghost", in compagnia di Beppe Gambetta è semplicemente strepitosa. Ma anche "Waltz for Mari " o "Maple Leaf", in compagnia di tutta la band, sono di altissimo livello. Un disco di chitarra acustica non (solo) per chitarristi, ma per amanti della Musica".

AXE - Luca Ferrara - Novembre 2006
" title track: veniamo subito catturati dalla bella e sognante melodia, ma notevole è anche il suono, morbido e deciso, della sua Taylor 710 che ci sorprende anche in "The Zebra" e "Ghost to Ghost" ancora con Beppe Gambetta."

Sit Back (2002)

Solo flatpicking guitar instrumentals mixing traditional American music with Italian gusto.
Winner "Best Homegrown CD 2003" at Acoustic Guitar Magazine Awards.

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Roberto Dalla Vecchia: acoustic guitar
Stefania Cavedon: cello
Toni Moretti: upright bass


CD Reviews:

"...another monster talent from Italy... (he) has a mastery over tone and a grasp for sound quality that is positively awesome."

"'s no surprise that his tunes are musical and melodic and his playing nearly flawless."

WOOD & STEEL (Taylor Guitar Publication) - Anthony Adams - USA 2004
"...Dalla Vecchia proves himself to be a talented composer as well as a virtuoso guitarist. His highly melodic compositions have a vocal quality and phrasing, fitting for a musician who was born and bred in a land where opera and great singing are as ubiquitous as pasta."

BLUEGRASS IRELAND - Richard Hawkins - Ireland 2002
"Another outstanding guitarist from Italy...Sit Back should be considered on the same level as the Sony Classical albums, as music combining traditional feel, emotional depth, and classical standards of conception and execution."

Unknown Legends (2008)

Roberto's 4th CD offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of American sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to tradition.

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Roberto Dalla Vecchia celebrates his 10-year musical career with a brand new album "Unknown Legends"

"Raised in a Catholic family, as a kid I was taught that life is a gift - God’s greatest gift. I have always admired those who work quietly to make the world a better place: people who dedicate their time, sometimes their entire lives, building bridges of love. These songs celebrate these unknown legends. It is my secret desire to follow their steps".
This is Roberto’s 4th album since "Open Spaces" was released ten years ago. His guitar work continues to explore and expand in 11 strong instrumental compositions based on tradition but reaching well beyond it.

"Unknown Legends" offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of American sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to tradition.

The CD features Roberto’s powerful acoustic guitar and other string instruments, dobro (Enrich Novak), whistles (Paolo Bressan), cello (Giovanni Costantini) and upright bass (Stefano Versolato), playing themselves through a collection of quiet and thoughtful songs full of atmosphere and lively driving tunes.

Says Dalla Vecchia: "I like the idea of recording music that is appealing for his honesty and simplicity in an acoustic yet contemporary approach. "

The CD was recorded at Magister Studio, Italy, and mastered at The Sound Lab, USA.


CD Reviews:

"... it's all eminently listenable and remarkably lyrical ... I was struck by the degree of precision the music embodies."

MINOR 7th - Kirk Albrecht - USA 2010
"... you will be surprised at his fluid picking, evidenced not just in the first song, but throughout all 11 tracks."

CHITARRE - Mario Giovannini - Italy 2009
"Il simpatico chitarrista vicentino è un autentico virtuoso del flatpicking e un compositore maturo e raffinato."

AXE - Luca Ferrara Aprile 2009
" tocco di Roberto è sempre riconoscibile: dolce, elegante, mai privo di carattere. Le composizioni, sognanti e romantiche, riescono sempre a catturare sia gli addetti ai lavori che i neofiti dell'universo flatpicking."

FOLK BULLETIN - Febbraio 2009
" riconferma compositore attento e maturo, in grado di regalare momenti di autentica ispirazione, delicati e rarefatti, quanto di coinvolgere e trascinare con energia. Strepitoso, incontenibile il dobro di Enrich Novak che regala alcuni duetti con la chitarra di Roberto davvero spettacolari."

"... grazie all'inserimento del flauto e del violoncello, per non dire nuovamente del dobro, l'album offre una varietà di atmosfere, spunti e sonorità che lo rendono fra le migliori proposte dell'anno, a mio modestissimo parere, nel campo della chitatta virtuosismo non è assolutamente mai fine a se stesso ma sempre piegato alle esigenze della melodia."